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ScribeAmerica and ICD-10

ScribeAmerica has a longstanding reputation for providing an unmatched level of scribe training. With many providers uncertain how ICD-10 will affect them, those who partner with ScribeAmerica can rest easy knowing our medical scribes are already trained on ICD-10 medical coding.


What does this mean for you? Whether you're thinking about implementing a new scribe program or are already partnered with us, you can have confidence in the fact that your practice is ready to seamlessly transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with the help of your highly trained medical scribes.


But what does ICD-10 mean for those without an ICD-10 ready medical scribe program? Many providers may be misled to believe that their EHR system is equipped to provide support for ICD-10. But in most cases, this simply means that the system can support the collection of codes while lacking a sufficient search function or description of codes. Those that aren't prepared to document at the near granular level of specificity that ICD-10 requires will likely see significant cash-flow losses.


A professionally educated and managed scribe program through ScribeAmerica will ensure that your practice is ready to successfully transition to ICD-10. Whether you're interested in starting a new scribe program or are an existing partner, we have provided the resources below to show you how ScribeAmerica is committed to helping you prepare for this transition.


How Scribes Can Help You with ICD-10

We have created a series of short videos discussing how ICD-10 trained scribes can help you with your transition. View our ICD-10 Media page to learn more.