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February 25, 2014
Team building for the road ahead: The 3rd Annual ScribeAmerica Leadership Conference (preview)

2014 is a big year for the American health care industry and by association the medical scribe industry. From the Affordable Care Act to the Two Midnight Rule, and ICD-10, new challenges are present at every level. Those companies looking to survive the next few years will need something more than just business savvy. That extra something is having a strong team, that is passionate and united in their goals.

ScribeAmerica understands this.

To foster those relationships, next month March 13 – 15, the ScribeAmerica leadership team will visit the Gaylord Texan Convention Center in Grapevine Texas for the company’s 3rd Annual Leadership Conference.

This year’s conference theme: Standardization

Every year ScribeAmerica continues to grow. The company is consistently ranked as one of the top American health care businesses to watch. To give you an idea of what that success looks like, in 2011 the company only had six project leaders. Now in 2014 that number is at 45 and growing. But to keep that growth sustainable, it’s important to maintain the same level of quality service nationwide, hence the focus on standardization.

Other lectures throughout the weekend will tackle topics and issues like medical scribes in the outpatient and hospitalist setting, the future of the medical scribe industry, and medical scribe certification through American College of Medical Scribe Specialists, (ACMSS).

The conference will also mark the debut of ScribeAmerica’s new leadership academy. This academy will mint new chief scribes and project leaders moving ahead into 2014. Also debuting at the conference is the company’s new ICD-10 training platform.

Outside of the lectures will be bigger talks. The conference’s keynote will be delivered by Karen Kanan, MBA. Members of the ScribeAmerica leadership team, CEO Michael Murphy, M.D. Luis Moreno, M.D., will each speak as well.

Not just work

Of course it won’t just be all work at the conference. There will also be ample opportunity for fun and games. The Gaylord Texan Convention Center offers everything from jogging trails to a full-service spa. As if the attendees did not have enough to look forward to, the kick off dinner on March 13 will be held at an old hickory steakhouse, setting the tone for a great weekend.

Some of the events are still being kept under wraps. But the conference will have an evening full of surprises where the attendees can “let loose”. As an example at last year’s conference the attendees played a giant game of “Minute to Win It.”

Success through camaraderie

ScribeAmerica is a new breed of decentralized company that mostly operates virtually at over 355 locations spread across the country. This model of business offers plenty of advantages, but can’t always make up for a lack of face to face interaction. The leadership conference offers that rare opportunity to get all the leaders together in one room at the same time. That chance for getting to better know the people you work with everyday can sometimes be a rare one nowadays, and should be valued.