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Video Contest

Video Contest 2015: Scribe Creed

The 2015 Video Contest has ended. Check back here in spring 2016 for the next contest.

In the meantime, view our 2014 and 2015 videos on our Video Gallery page.





About ScribeAmerica’s Scribe Creed Video Contest

ScribeAmerica has launched the Scribe Creed video contest offering a prizes to the videos that most creatively addresses the following statement: "My local ScribeAmerica site best embodies the Scribe Creed because ________"

Grab your camera, phone, modeling clay or whatever else you need to make a short video (about 1-3 minutes) that communicates how your local site's scribe program embodies the Scribe Creed. This video should be entertaining and informative. Besides some limitations on what you can reference in the video, the sky is the limit!



Have questions? Please submit any questions about the contest to