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Video Contest

Video Contest 2015: Scribe Creed

Introducing ScribeAmerica’s Scribe Creed Video Contest

ScribeAmerica has launched the Scribe Creed video contest offering a $5,000 Grand Prize to the video that most creatively addresses the following statement: "My local ScribeAmerica site best embodies the Scribe Creed because ________"

Grab your camera, phone, modeling clay or whatever else you need to make a short video (about 1-3 minutes) that communicates how your local site's scribe program embodies the Scribe Creed. This video should be entertaining and informative. Besides some limitations on what you can reference in the video, the sky is the limit!


Judging Criteria

Videos will be judged on
(1) originality and creativity
(2) adherence to the creative assignment (addressing the statement, "My local ScribeAmerica site best embodies the Scribe Creed because ________")
(3) entertainment value
(4) overall appeal
(5) quality of footage


Important Dates

Announcement: The submission deadline has been extended by two weeks!

  • Monday, July 13th at 12:00pm Noon EDT – Video Submission Opens
  • Wednesday, September 16th at 12:00pm Noon EDT – Video Submission Ends
  • Monday, September 21st at 12:00pm Noon EDT – Public Voting Opens
  • Monday, September 28th at 12:00pm Noon EDT – Public Voting Ends
  • Thursday, October 1st – Final Voting – Winner Announced



The contest is open to current ScribeAmerica employees, including but not limited to Scribes, Chief Scribes and Project Leaders. Participants can work together as a team but only one prize will be awarded for the entry.



Grand Prize (1)

The Grand Prize winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize! At the time of submission, the participants will dictate how much of the $5,000 prize should be distributed to individual contest participants collaborating on a single submission.

Category Prizes (3)

Creativity ($500): The video with the most creativity, humor and/or imagination will receive a $500 prize.

Cinematic Skill ($500): The video with the highest level of cinematic quality–including picture quality, sound and editing ability–will receive a $500 prize.

Spoken Word ($500): The video that best uses spoken word, including poetry, an essay, etc., will receive a $500 prize. The subject may read their essay to the camera, use a photo slideshow or any other visual elements.

Early Bird Entry Prizes (10)
The first 10 entries (including all required forms) will receive a ScribeAmerica gift kit that will include ScribeAmerica branded gifts. Total items will depend on the total number of team members, with gifts for up to five members. Estimated retail value will be between $25-100, depending on total number of team members (maximum of 5 gift kits per team).


Submission and Baseline Selection

All entries must be submitted by Wednesday, September 16th at 12:00pm Noon EDT.
Visit and click on "Video Gallery-Voting" to upload your video and complete/upload applicable forms.

All entries must be reviewed by your facility's client contact (Medical Director, etc.) in advance of submission, and the facility must provide accompanying written approval of the content prior to submitting and uploading your video (Video Contest Site Approval Form listed below).

All videos will be reviewed prior to being made public on the ScribeAmerica website and social media sites. Submissions will be reviewed to make sure the following conditions are met: (1) the video follows contest guidelines as outlined above and in the Rules and Regulations section, (2) all required forms have been submitted, including the Video Contest Site Approval Form, and (3) the video appropriately represents ScribeAmerica, the host facility, co-workers and others in a professional and courteous manner and is a high quality video suitable for public viewing on the ScribeAmerica website.

Prior to submitting your video online, please download and submit the forms listed below to
  • Video Contest Site Approval Form Approval from your facility's client contact. If your video is going to be filmed at your facility, the form must be signed before and after filming.
  • Competition Participant List List of all ScribeAmerica employees participating for prizes in the competition. (Submit one form for the group.)
  • Participant Release Form A release form that should be completed by all individuals appearing or participating in the production of your video, whether 'on camera,' providing voiceover recording, assisting in filming, etc. This includes ScribeAmerica employees and any other individuals involved with the video. (Each participant should complete a form.)

All forms must be received by 12:00pm (noon) EDT on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 or the video submission will not be eligible for competition.



Public Voting will be open for one week, starting on Monday, September 21st. Individuals will be able to vote for their favorite videos daily. At the end of the voting period, all videos with 250 or more votes (or the top five videos if five or more videos have not reached 250 votes) will continue on to Final Voting.

In the Final Voting state, the ScribeAmerica Executive Management Team will review eligible videos and select a Grand Prize Grand Prize and Category Prize winning videos based on the judging criteria mentioned above.



Have questions? Please submit any questions about the contest to