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Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Trained Medical Scribes for Your Urgent Care Center

ScribeAmerica understands that each Urgent Care Center is unique. Your Urgent Care scribe program will be tailored to meet your company's goals and the specific operating procedures of your center.

Urgent Care and Medical Scribe Integration

ScribeAmerica works with your Urgent Care leadership team to help identify key areas where scribes can help increase efficiency. We will connect with your coding company to determine a strategy that will benefit your Urgent Care, optimizing your EHR use and facility workflow.

Scribe Recruitment

ScribeAmerica's experienced project leaders identify the unique needs of your region of the country and hire only the most qualified personnel. As the industry leader, ScribeAmerica has proven to be the most desirable choice for medical scribes in every market in the country, which allows us to select only the best candidates who meet our highest standards for excellence in professional medical documentation. 


Medical Scribe Training for your Urgent Care

ScribeAmerica attracts only the best talent, including local pre-medical college students and recent graduates. Over the years, we have received valuable feedback from our quality scribes, patients and physicians, which has helped to shape the best scribe training program in the nation.

Our scribe training program consists of three distinct steps:

Step 1: Scribe candidates participate in a demanding 2-week classroom training and orientation course. This orientation is designed to prepare scribes for their initial collaboration with the urgent care physician.

Step 2: Scribe candidates begin a supervisory period where they are mentored by a highly experienced scribe who oversees training shifts and offers immediate review and feedback.

Step 3: Upon completion of their initial training program, scribes are involved in regular assessments to provide consistent, periodic review of their effectiveness. This review process ensures that our scribes maintain an understanding of industry changes and best practices in order to exceed expectations.

Altogether, each scribe receives a minimum of 120 hours of training.


The Advanced Scribe Training Program (approx 120 hours per scribe)


Step 1:
(2 weeks)
Step 2:
Medical Scribe Supervisory Period (3-5 days)
Step 3:
Periodic Trained Medical
Scribe Re-assessment
  • Medical Terminology
  • System Based Videos
  • Video scenarios
  • Audio Exercises
  • Medical Coding/Billing documentation
  • HIPAA/PHI Compliance
  • Medicolegal documentation
  • Professional Appearance
  • Case Presentations
  • One-to-one Personal Clinical Training
  • Real-time Chart Review and Corrective Feedback
  • Advanced Efficiency and Patient Tracking Training
  • Core Measures and PQRI Documentation
  • Clinical Performance Final Assessment
  • Quality Assurance Program and Continuing Scribe Education
  • Monthly Evaluations and Performance Assessments
  • Monthly Provider-to-Scribe Satisfaction Reporting
  • Charting Review and Deficiency Log



ScribeAmerica prides itself on holding the reputation as the nation's leading scribe company. Urgent Care facilities like yours can rely upon our medical scribes for superior training and professionalism.

With over a decade of experience in the scribe industry, we have developed a scribe training program and unique business model that is unmatched in proven efficiency. No other scribe company offers the level of training that will ensure improved throughput, more accurate documentation capture and proven cost savings.