The Standard in professional scribe training and management



All the provider needs is a working land line phone.

Provider calls into a HIPAA compliant server provided by ScribeAmerica using a special pin.

Provider dictates their records.

The scribe receives a WAV or voice recording.

Scribe documents directly into the EMR using their own username and password.

If provider submits calls throughout the day, documentation can be completed by 9p.m. each night.

TeleScribe Premium Workflow


1: Arrive at your facility

TeleScribes allow physicians to have the benefit of a trained medical scribe, no matter the situation or location. Whether you're at a facility in a rural area, on-call at multiple locations or during variable hours, a TeleScribe is just a mere call away.

2: Log Into Your TeleScribe App

Once you arrive at your facility, log into your TeleScribes app in a matter of seconds on your mobile video tablet. Your tablet can be mounted on a table stand or roller cart.

3: Connect with Your Scribe

Once connected, your scribe will interact in real-time, documenting each patient visit, entering CPT, ICD-10, scheduling follow-up procedures and performing other key medical scribe functions.