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Patient Champion

Patient Champion

Patient Follow


Performance Improvement Tool- Lattice solution

Each Patient Champion will work during peak hours, they will communicate with each patient and their family members;

  • Who their team members are
  • Delays in care
  • Questions that they may have
  • Assist in depart process the PC will provide our lattice solution to them where they will give real time performance improvement on the experience that just occurred

Patient Callbacks and Constant communication

At the depart process the physician, scribe or patient champion can flag any patient for a call back. This flag can be for any reason;

  • Soft read of x-ray or other diagnostic tests
  • Blood cultures
  • Follow up on patient symptoms
  • Confirm follow up with PCP
  • Ensure medications are working
  • Many others

Patient Follow Up Scheduling

Patient champions are equipped with BoardRounds technology for immediate outpatient scheduling to any provider nationwide

  • Confirm follow-up within your health system at the point of care
  • Improve patient flow to network specialists and primary care providers
  • Detailed reporting of appointment completion rates