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Through the proven success of our cutting edge Hospitalist Scribe Programs, our Hospitalist clients have achieved the following benefits: :

  1. Expedited admission orders
  2. Decreased hospital length of stay
  3. Improved patient outcomes as measured by readmission rates
  4. Improved patient experience and resultant HCAHP scores
  5. Better capturing of appropriate DRG's of all the hospital's Medicare volume, which may result in improved Hospital Case Mix Index. For example, our scribes understand that documenting "poorly controlled diabetes" is interpreted as uncomplicated diabetes. Under the direction of the physician, clarification as "type II diabetes mellitus with or without complication" is accurate. Similarly, scribes can help avoid documentation pitfalls with CHF, lab values, and many others.
  6. More accurate data entry of daily active problem lists and avoidance of standard copy and paste practices that are impermissible under Medicare Recovery Auditors rules.
  7. Improved productivity of data entry into the EHR
  8. Created a successful strategy for overcoming anticipated provider documentation burdens due to data entry under ICD 10.
  9. Allowed hospitalists additional time to develop and communicate a care plan with the patient and family at bedside
  10. Improved work schedule; actually ending your shift on time, and getting home to reconnect with family and friends


Taking Advantage of Electronic Health Record Efficiencies

EHR scribes take the mundane health recording and clerical tasks off of your otherwise specialized staff members' hands so they can focus on their core competencies. When medical professionals are focused, they not only perform much better, they perform more efficiently. Revenues in your hospital can rise when doctors are able to see more patients during their shifts. When doctors and nurses are capable of serving more patients, your hospital does not need to keep as many medical professionals on staff, further reducing the overhead of the hospital. It is important to see the addition of a hospitalist scribe as a cost saver in the long run.


Patient Satisfaction Improvement and HCAHPS Performance

HCAHP is a concern for all medical professionals and the hospital itself. Many hospitals have ways of tracking the patients' perception of care and satisfaction, but adjusting to the realities of a national, standardized evaluation takes effort. Conforming to the HCAHP can be a bit of an adjustment to your highly trained medical professionals as well. To help them succeed at this, EHR scribes alleviate them of duties that are not directly linked to interacting with the patient, and the accuracy, detail, and timeliness of the medical documentation EHR scribes are capable of delivering day in and day out.


Hospitalist Scribes - A Fully Integrated Team Member

Aside from reducing your overhead costs by improving the patient to medical staff ratio, increasing revenue by being able to see more patients, and improving the hospital's reputation by allowing for better focus on HCAHP performance, your new hospitalist scribes will be helping with keeping track of lab work and radiology records so that they do not get lost or forgotten in the hustle and bustle of running a hospital. The timely management of these medical documents is vital to the effective care of patients, and ultimately will improve the bottom line as well. If you want your hospital to run like a well-oiled machine, ScribeAmerica has the EHR scribes you need to begin making the most of the resources you have.